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Josh Hamilton 'Distraught'; Texas Rangers Baseball Fan Dies, 2011

Update: Man took a fatal fall after being tossed a foul ball by Rangers’ Josh Hamilton. “A Texas baseball fan fell 20 feet to his death…
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  1. lol

  2. i remember when i saw this in the news it was a real tragedy.

  3. its sad 

  4. Mitchel D Thompson

    poor kid, and the dick reporter “He payed the ultimate Price…” 

  5. I’ve worked with firefighters. His dopey action does not surprise me.

  6. he was trying so hard to catch it probably for his son,…i understand that
    feeling when parents want to do something for their child they will do
    anything…Prayers for his family

  7. That is so sad the poor kid, how can some of you be so heartless and cruel.

  8. He was stealing the ball from the old man, instant karma!

  9. Did he catch the ball, I like to think he did

  10. so sad, dad and son at a game, sorry for family , especially the boy. 

  11. tht is so sad idont care wat u guys say I thought It was sad

  12. speachless,,,

  13. Inappropriate -.-

  14. Heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the pain his family must feel, especially
    his son.

  15. Friend: “Your Dad is dead? He must have died early. Did he have a medical
    problem or cancer?” Son: “No he died leaping for and falling 15ft to his
    death trying to catch a foul ball tossed up to him by one of the players.”

  16. Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier…

  17. very sad

  18. R.I.P STONE

  19. There you go. No accounting for morons.

  20. A little taller & deeper railings would work. Deeper I mean by a fencing of
    some sort jetting out over certain areas. Also more safety rules. Fans can
    just wait until the players throw the item to them again.

  21. who gives a shit if Bush was there… why does that matter?

  22. He was a good friend of mine.

  23. Texas Rangers and other baseball parks should put nets or foams around the
    stands. This is bound to repeat.

  24. I would feel like shit If i was the guy who failed to grab him

  25. A split second so sad for his family.